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Orator is a word you don’t hear or read very often because it has been declining in use since, oh, around the beginning of the nineteenth century. Still, the word is charming, bold, and substantive. The reason we chose it as a company name is at once explanatory, right?

What? —It isn’t at once explanatory?


Well, let’s talk about it…

Oratory is the rationale and practice of persuasive public speaking, with the aim of affecting political, religious or social movements through emotional phrasing and delivery. The art of rhetoric took shape in Hellenistic Greece, more than twenty-three hundred years ago. Orators (rhetor = teachers of rhetoric) in this period of history had varied career backgrounds, but they were all educated in classical literature as a standard. A well trained orator was magnetic, and their words were chosen carefully in order to stir the watching crowd into supporting or condemning an individual, or a cause.

Orator Media Design is about sponsoring the causes of our clients. We speak on their behalf in the areas where their voice may not reach. The hope is that we can do some good work for good people by offering the tools to launch websites, create thoughtful graphic art, support the growth of businesses, and promote outreach.

Sometimes you need a little help from someone who speaks the language. That’s what we are here for, and that’s why we chose the name Orator Media Design.

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